The BIG city

The time spent in the BIG city may have only been temporary, but the memories of the stench and filth will live on forever burnt into our brains.

With the newest addition to our crew “ROAD DOG” we were able to roll with the punches and handle any situation.

Temp commandment #4: The job must get done.





The sun and the moon, both constantly gigging, sometimes get together to put on an amazing spectacle in the sky. In case you didn’t pay it any mind, the solar eclipse itself is… A TEMP!

Every so often we get to enjoy a rare celestial event which is quite a treat for millions of people. Being that the eclipse is only doing its thing for a very short amount of time, and then disappears for awhile, we can only characterize the eclipse as a fellow temp.

It comes. It gets the job done. Its gone.

Thanks to Temp Drew and Temp Ezra we were able to see the eclipse on the job with an amazing gold set of temporary viewing shades.





Sometimes life in the fast lane just isn’t fast enough. There are two logical options to satisfy the craving for a more white knuckled disposition: 1) Ride Dirtbikes. 2) Sponsor a 1000 horsepower racing big rig. We ride dirtbikes all the time, but when whole new opportunity arose, we had to get behind it immediately.

Flying by the seat of your pants faster than most ever care to go, always shaving off seconds in all conditions, and pushing your mind and machine to the limit; what another great endeavor: a Temps United sponsored racing truck.

Good luck this season but always remember “Nothing Matters”



The wisdom of our graphics forefathers drives us constantly in our daily production. Problem solving in ways they never could have imagined, using technology they only dreamed of, and thinking outside constraints built by “lifers” in the industry.

With jobs that change with the tides, sometimes you forget what you’ve accomplished. As the age old Temp philosophers have been rhetorically asking for years:

“If the job is temporary, and the graphics are temporary, does the job even exist?”

By the sweat on our brow, and a sweet sigh of relief we can be sure that the job happened, and we nailed it. If you can’t tell by the sweat on our brow, you can certainly tell by the beers we are slugging down at the bar across the street.



As we blow past another equinox into pleasant weather and more exciting times, we love spending as much time as we can outside horsing around with some our full-time cohorts (with our tops down.)

If you’ve got the option to do a little something different- a little something new, even if it’s a bit of a pain to get happening, go for it! That is the Temp way of life.

Big thanks to full-timer ***** for capturing this great shot of us all in her Jeep. We wanted to learn how to ready a Wrangler for sunny skies right before the weekend, and we got it done before our break was even over.

Sometimes a door closes and you need to find a window, but in our case, we just take the doors off and keep on rolling. If you don’t understand, no problem- it’s a Jeep thing.

“If you can read this roll me over” – A. Jeep Owner


It’s not often Temps United has the opportunity to let loose while off the clock, especially as a team.

(That’s not entirely true when you’re a team as tight as we are, but you get the idea…)

Relentless gigging, nationally and internationally, in the transportation and entertainment industries make it difficult for us to be in the same room when we are off the clock. The obvious solution: Have a blast while you work!

As much fun as we have while we are solving problems, creating efficiencies, cutting costs and maximizing production on all fronts, you can probably imagine how much fun we have when we are all out getting WILD! Huge thanks to ****** for having us out to party.

If we aren’t smiling- we are probably asleep.

“My work is my play – ’cause I’m playing when I work” – Mike D. 1986




The temps were out in force to help convert an unassuming warehouse space into a scenic experience attendees won’t soon forget.

Also on scene, we met Temp Kevin: An inspiration to Temps everywhere. He’s constantly on call; driving from city to city, state to state, to make the show happen under any circumstance. Temp Kevin sleeps in his car, complains about hotel prices, always gets the job done, and still finds time to enjoy his property in Ocean City when time allows.

*Some heavy machinery required.*

“Drive fast, Smoke in bed” -Temp Kevin


Temps United is the muscle which makes things happen behind the scenes. Our own legacy remains nameless in order to help others remain at the top.

We are a diverse group of employees that work for you when you need it most, who share a multitude of skills and problem solving solutions in any situation across all market verticals.

If you need someone for any situation e-mail us: